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Prayer Requests

Your prayer request will be passed on to each of our  intercessors who will be pray for you as they are lead to by the Holy Spirit. 


Please use the following format;


   1.  Enter your name & email address


   2.  Enter a Subject from the chooses below or enter one which may better describe your Prayer Request;

  •    Physical Illness (Body) 

  •    Mental, Emotional or Psychological Illness (Mind)

  •    Spiritual Illness or Sin (Soul)

  •    Demonic Oppression or Deliverance

  •    Broken Relationships

  •    Protection/Strength

  •    General Intercession 


   3. Please enter the first name of the person you would like prayer for and their relationship to you in the Prayer Request.

  • c-facebook

Your details were sent successfully!

If you feel uncomfortable using the above format you may email us directly @

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Nine Day Novena to the Holy Spirit

Nine Day Novena to the Holy Spirit

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